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Your Guide to the Best HR and Recruiting Software

Whether you're looking for a new ATS or adding an AI powered HR tool, Select Software Reviews give you the best vendors, pricing info, questions for demos and a lot more in free, unbiased guides.

3.3 Million+ HR, TA, and People professionals find the best software through their in depth software buyer guides and expert advice

01 Find, research and analyse

SSR spend their days talking to the smartest HR and TA professionals and thought leaders, and demo'ing new software

02 Share what matters

SSR package their research into actionable guides for each software category you care about, as well as easy to reference videos and articles.

03 Research you can trust

SSR's north star is to help HR and TA buy the right tools. They feature only vendors they recommend, but may also earn a fee if you click on the vendor's link

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