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Success Stories

At McROBERTS we are proud to deliver exceptional results for our clients, transforming their mass recruitment performance. We have helped fill hundreds of vacancies with quality hires, for numerous companies from €6Bn global corporations to fast growing SMEs. Explore our success stories to see how we have solved significant recruitment challenges.

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"We are extremely pleased with McRoberts. They are going above and beyond to understand our recruitment needs and to align candidates perfectly with our expectations. From their weekly stats and meetings with Joe, their professionalism, promptness, and attention to detail have been evident throughout the digital recruitment campaign they are doing for us. We do feel valued as a client. Moreover, even though we started with McRoberts 3 months later than with other recruitment sources, we have hired more Drivers sent to us by McRoberts than any other recruitment boards combined. Definitely, we will keep working with McRoberts in our future recruitment campaigns. Well done Joe and team!"


- Mariela Juarez Duarte, HR Manager Sightseeing UK, Tootbus

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  • Tootbus is one of Europe's leading sightseeing tour bus operators and has an airport bus service

  • 18 PCV licence holder bus vacancies drivers in London

  • 10 PCV licence holder bus vacancies drivers in Bristol


  • Comprehensive digital ad strategy

  • Branded web experiences

  • Smart application forms filtering applicants

  • Automated emails to boost applicant volumes

  • Applicant Tracking System integration

  • Interview scheduling software.


  • #1 recruitment source within one month

  • 80% of vacancies filled in 3 months

  • 7X increase in interview attendanc




  • RATP had high volumes of bus driver vacancies across multiple garage locations in London

  • Low quality applications, creating overwhelming levels of admin for the team

  • Limited digital recruitment activity and a lack of reliable data and analytics


  • A comprehensive digital recruitment strategy using a range of digital marketing channels, targeted website experiences, smart application forms, automated emails, Applicant Tracking System integration and advanced data reporting

  • Automatic filtering of candidates to ensure a high quality of applications for the recruitment team

  • Interview scheduling tools to increase interview attendance and hiring rates


  • 75% less admin time to process applications due to the guaranteed high quality of candidates - no more sifting!

  • 80% reduction in the cost per application by identifying the most cost efficient recruitment sources

  • 40X more applications received as a bi-product of the cost per application being reduced 



‘I have been working with Joe for 18 months to revitalise our driver recruitment strategy and it has been an absolute joy, From the outset he has been curious, courteous and courageous. His great skill is in really getting under the skin of the organisation and understanding fundementally what makes us and our people tick. Armed with this understanding and his in depth knowledge of the digital marketing landscape, he has been able to work closely with us to completely transform our recruitment program. We have far exceeded our expectations of what what possible when we set out on this journey and this is in large part due to Joe's continuous quest for improvement and methodical approach to finding the right solution. I highly recommend Joe to anyone, working with him will be one of the best decisions you make this year!’

- Ben Parry, Head of Recruitment, Arriva

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  • Arriva is one of the biggest bus operators in the UK with 5,000 buses in operation and 16,000 employees

  • The company had a significant bus driver shortage and relied heavily on expensive agency drivers

  • Vacancies at garages in locations across the UK


  • Targeted digital ads

  • Branded web experiences

  • Smart application forms

  • Automated drop off emails

  • Post-application onboarding emails

  • Industry-leading video adverts

  • Advanced data reporting


  • 95% saving in cost per application

  • Driver shortages reduced by 80%

  • A new employee ratings of 5/5

  • Top marketing sources identified

  • Increased brand awareness

  • 50% increase in female hires

  • Team admin reduced by 70%

More Success Stories Await

These success stories represent just a portion of the remarkable outcomes we have achieved for our clients. We invite you to explore more case studies and testimonials from companies across various industries during a consultation call.

"Joe is a marketing genius and all round legend. He took over our marketing campaigns at the start of 2018 and since then we have seen phenomenal results. Joe also has a very entrepreneurial mindset so will also strive to achieve the best results in the most innovative ways. I can't recommend him enough."

Angus Drummond

"Joe is intelligent, capable and did a great job leading and managing the TVPlayer paid social media and eCRM account. I found him responsive, proactive and commercially driven which made my life a lot easier."

Ben Gandy

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"I only worked with Joe for a short while, but I found him insightful, diligent, charming and creative in equal measures. Joe is a bona fide digital marketing expert, but he's also a talented strategist and innovative, entrepreneurial thinker. I would highly recommend him."

Dan Lehner

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